Banjo #005 – Sapele / Wenge with brass rod tone ring

Banjo #005 – Sapele / Wenge with brass rod tone ring
Banjo #005 – Sapele / Wenge with brass rod tone ring

This banjo has a block rim of sapele.  Rim cap is hard maple, as is the upper rim layer, which supports a 1/4 brass rod tone ring.  Neck is 3 piece laminate of sapele with center rib of hard maple.  1/8″ x 3/8″ carbon fiber reinforcement assures stiffness and stability.

Fingerboard is oiled wenge.  Headstock laminate and heelcap are also wenge.  Banjo is finished with nitrocellulose laquer.

Banjo has brass hardware and brass Gotoh planetary tuners. Initially  set up and photographed with an “Elite” fibreskin head.  Since fitted with a Remo Renaissance head, offering more precision and clarity in tone. Set up is with a slightly deepened frailing scoop level with the head.  This raises the finger board slightly relative to the strings to provide lower action, while maintaining a more traditional frailing setup with nice clearance between strings and head.  Bridge is custom Beartown 3/4″ curved bridge. Sound is comfortingly plunky with bell tone clarity up the neck and good sustain.  Responsive in lower positions and up the neck.

This banjo is SOLD and is living its new life in Australia!

Banjo #005 key of D – Johnson Boys

Banjo #005 key of A – Cluck Old Hen

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