Banjo #004 – Cherry / Purpleheart

Banjo #004 – Cherry / Purpleheart
Banjo #004 – Cherry / Purpleheart

This banjo is a sweet instrument all around.  Block rim is made up of two full layers of cherry with a thickened rim cap and tapered tone ring layer of purpleheart.  The neck is s three layer laminate of cherry with a purpleheart rib. Neck reinforcement is  1/8 x 3/8 graphite fiber epoxied in place.

Cherry is one of the less dense woods that I use, so this banjo is comfortably light and warm sounding.  The purpleheart tone ring provides clarity and definition to the tone.  Set up with moderate frailing scoop to the 15th fret,  fiberskin head, nickle plated brass hardware and nickle plated Gotoh tuners.

Fingerboard is oiled purpleheart with a beautiful whorled figure and headstock and heelcap are pupleheart as well. This banjo is a joy to play, and sounds beautiful.

This Banjo is SOLD and is living its life in Missouri with its new owner.

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