Banjo #015 – Curly Maple, Black Walnut, Purpleheart

banjo #015 pot
Banjo #015 – curly maple, black walnut, purpleheart

Banjo #015 is a custom build finished in May 2019. It lives in its new home with Brian in North Carolina.

This banjo has an 11″  block rim of curly Maple with a Dobson style tone ring. Rim cap, heel cap and accent rim layer are Black Walnut. Neck is 3 piece laminate of black walnut with center rib of purpleheart with a dual action truss rod accessible at the heel.

Fingerboard is oiled Purpleheart.  Headstock laminate (front and back) are  purpleheart with a headstock inlay of curly maple and mother of pearl. Instrument is finished with a penetrating oil finish. Banjo is set up with brass hardware and brass Gotoh planetary tuners, curved Beartown bridge and shop mounted goatskin head.

Set up is with a modest frailing scoop level with the head. Scale is 25.5″ with 19 frets. 5th string nut is at the 5th fret.  Tone is clear, with good sustain and clarity. Responsive in lower positions and up the neck. With a 25.5″ scale this banjo can easily be tuned to G/C or A/D.

Beartown Banjo #015
Pot: 11” curly maple with black walnut cap and accent layer
Tone Ring: spun brass Dobson style
Brass Hardware: 18 brackets, double-pointed shoes, grooved tension hoop, bacon style nuts, Pigsah Hawk tailpiece, Gotoh tuners.
Neck: 3 piece laminated black walnut/purpleheart, 2 way truss rod adjustable at heel, ¾ inch dowel stick with brass horseshoe fastener
Fingerboard: Purpleheart 25.5 inch scale, Evo gold fretwire
Bridge: custom curved Beartown Bridge (maple/ebony)
Trim: black walnut heel capwith curly maple accent, purpleheart headstock laminate on top and bottom wioth curly male accent on top.
Ornamentation: mother of pearl side markers, headstock crescent planet of mother of pearl and Curly Maple
Strings:  10-11-15-24PB-10
Build date: May, 2019

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