Banjo #009 Travel Banjo Sapele-Wenge-Padauk

Banjo 009 Travel Banjo Sapele-Wenge-Padauk
Banjo 009 Travel Banjo Sapele-Wenge-Padauk

This banjo is a great companion for travel. With a 9″ pot and 20″ scale, it fits nicely in an A-style mandolin case, and is a breeze to travel with.

Pot is a block rim of Sapele with wenge rim cap and cherry top layer, supporting a 1/4 inch brass rod tone ring. Neck is Sapele, with Padauk fingerboard and Wenge headstock and heel cap.

For a small banjo, it has a nice full voice and strings are gauged for tuning in A/D. I like to muffle the strings south of the bridge with felt or rubber band. Set up with goatskin head, curved Beartown bridge.

In a group, this banjo doesn’t have the volume of an 11″ pot, but it sounds great and is sweet to play.

Includes TKL hardshell case. This is my first baby banjo and is yours for a song. 🙂

This banjo is living a new life in Australia with it’s new owner, but I can build another for you!
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Cluck Old Hen – key of A

Johnson Boys – Key of D

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