Banjo #007 5+1 six string – Sapele / Cherry

Banjo #007 5+1 six string – Sapele / Cherry
Banjo #007 5+1 six string – Sapele / Cherry

This banjo is a 5+1 six string. First four strings and the short string (6th) are tuned as you would expect, 5th string (low bass) is tuned to 2 octaves below the short string. This makes for a open back banjo with a unique, room filling sound. (Think 12 string vs. 6 string guitar.)

Block rim of sapele. Rim cap is Cherry, as is the upper rim layer, which supports a 1/4 brass rod tone ring. Neck is 3 piece laminate of cherry with center rib of sapele. 1/8″ x 3/8″ carbon fiber reinforcement assures stiffness and stability. Scale is 25.5 and side peg is at the 7th fret.

Fingerboard is oiled wenge. Banjo is finished with waterborne lacquer. Banjo is set up with brass hardware and brass Gotoh planetary tuners. Currently set up with a goatskin head and 11/16 Beartown curved bridge.

Sound is somewhere between booming and ethereal with the 12″ pot, goat head and extra low string tuned 2 octaves below the 5th string.


Check out this banjo played by Cameron Dewitt with Jake Blount on fiddle:

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